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The Hope church of Christ began in 1923. It was located at the corner of 5th and Grady. A downtown congregation was also set up at Walnut Road and Rocky Mound Road. After a fire in the 60's damaged the building, they purchased the property and built on the site that we are still meeting at today. 


In 1992 the two congregations joined forces to greater enhance our mission efforts and local work. Later a Spanish-speaking service began as well. 


Our true history began thousands of years ago when God's plan to save mankind was set into place. The congregation that meets here in Hope lives the redemption message of God's love through Christ's sacrifice for our sins, and wants all people to know and love this message as well. 


We strive to follow the Bible and its teachings, to live and worship in the way that is pleasing to God, and ultimately spend eternity in Heaven. 

We want to grow in our love and service for God and for the community of Hope.

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