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The aim of our individual ministries is to collectively give all people of all ages opportunities to grow, serve, and love God and His people. There is a place for you here. 

Being a teenager is hard. Our aim is to give our teens the tools they need to navigate the world while holding onto their faith. We offer youth devotionals, Enjoyment activities, church camp, summer youth series, and family outings - all designed to encourage our kids to strengthen friendships while developing their personal faith. 
Bible Class
The best way to know we are living a life pleasing to God is to know what His word says. We offer Bibles classes for every age group, birth through adult. You and your children will learn about the Bible in a way specific to your age and learning ability.  
Our Bible class curriculum is designed to take your child through the Bible while helping children develop a love for learning about God and His Word.
W.I.S.H. (Women In Service to Him)

Our ladies love to spend time together. We like to build life long friendships through activities like ladies night out, craft night, game night, Mugs and Muffins, Ladies day at night, ladies retreats, and eating lots of goodies together. our ladies event are called WISH (Women In Service to Him). It is our wish to have all our ladies grow closer to one another while growing closer to God.  

Seniors Singles

We put a high value on wisdom and experience (Proverbs 4.8). We have some wise men and women who continue to grow daily in their devotion to God. Game days, Senior-Single potlucks and various outings throughout the year offer adventures for those with free time and free spirits.

G.I.F.T.S. (Girls In Fellowship, Training, and Service)
We want all girls 4-18 to know that they are gifts from God. We want them to see their lives, reputations, and bodies as gifts to cherish and respect. Our GIFT girls have various activities to teach them opportunities for growth and service. We have Bible study, home-making, modesty, community service, girls' Day, and so many other opportunities to foster an attitude of service and hospitality.
Brother's Keepers
The church is to be unified and concerned for one another. In order to further that effort, our members are divided into teams that are to meet on a monthly basis to encourage and fellowship.
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